Hampton HEPES sodium Buffer

Hampton HEPES sodium Buffer

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  • Crystallization grade HEPES sodium buffer for formulating screens or for optimization


  • Sterile filtered
  • Formulated in Type 1+ ultrapure water: 18.2 megaohm-cm resistivity at 25°C, < 5 ppb Total Organic Carbon, bacteria free (<1 Bacteria (CFU/ml)), pyrogen free (<0.03 Endotoxin (EU/ml)), RNase-free (< 0.01 ng/mL) and DNase-free (< 4 pg/µL)


HEPES sodium

Synonyms: HEPES sodium salt, or 4-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperazine-1-ethanesulfonic acid sodium salt, or N-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperazine-N′-(2-ethanesulfonic acid) sodium salt
Mr 260.29
CAS [75277-39-3]
EC Number 278-169-7
MDL Number MFCD00036463
PubChem Substance ID 24895780
pKa 7.5 at 25°C
Useful pH Range of HEPES sodium: 6.6 – 8.2

HR2-733 is titrated to pH 7.5 using HCl
HR2-733 measured Conductivity range: 41.7 – 43.4 mS/cm at 25°C
HR2-733 measured Refractive Index range: 1.37577 – 1.37766 at 20°C

HR2-577 is the free base of HEPES sodium and is to be titrated to the desired pH using HCl
HR2-577 measured pH Range: 10.2 – 12.1 at 25°C
HR2-577 measured Conductivity range: 25.9 – 27.2 mS/cm at 25°C
HR2-577 measured Refractive Index range: 1.37097 – 1.37298 at 20°C

HR2-931-01 – 1.0 M HEPES sodium pH 6.8 is a Custom Shop reagent and is used to reproduce and optimize Crystallization Reagents for use with the Silver Bullets kit.

HR2-577 1.0 M HEPES sodium 100 mL
HR2-733 1.0 M HEPES sodium pH 7.5 100 mL



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