Hampton 48孔板结晶板 Intelli-Plate 48-2 (Art Robbins Instruments)

Hampton 48孔板Intelli-Plate 48-2 (Art Robbins Instruments)

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HR8-150/HR8-152 Intelli-Plate 48-2


  • Sitting Drop Crystallization


  • SBS microplate footprint
  • Intelli-Plate 48-2 Drop Volume: 20 µl & 4 µl Reservoir: 500 µl
  • 48 well plates can be set up by hand or using 8-channel dispensers
  • Plate material: Polystyrene


The Intelli-Plate 48-2 (Art Robbins 102-0002-00) is a 48 well sitting drop plate for optimization. The plate features 6 reagent wells along the y-axis (A-F) and 8 reagent wells along the x-axis (1-8). The reagent reservoir is typically filled with 200 µl and is capable of holding up to 500 µl. The optimization drop wells are arranged at the top of each well. The left sample drop well holds 4 µl or less while the elongated sample drop well holds 20 µl or less. Plates are made of polystyrene.

The plates can be sealed using Crystal Clear Sealing Film (HR3-609), 3 inch wide Crystal Clear Sealing Tape (HR4-506) or ClearSeal Film™ (HR4-521).

The height of the Intelli-Plate 48-2 is 0.560 inches.

HR8-150 Intelli-Plate 48-2 10 plate case
HR8-152 Intelli-Plate 48-2 40 plate case