Hampton 96孔蛋白结晶板 Intelli-Plate 96-2 LVR

Hampton 96孔蛋白结晶板 Intelli-Plate 96-2 LVR

Hampton research蛋白结晶试剂代理–上海金畔生物
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  • Sitting Drop Crystallization


  • SBS microplate footprint & standard well spacing
  • Optically clear wells provide for superior crystal imaging
  • Well layout makes crystal harvesting easier
  • 2 wells with small and large drop well
  • Rounded reservoir corners to prevent reservoir (MPD) creep
  • Plate Material: Cyclic Olefin
  • UV transmissible and low birefringence


Art Robbins Instruments has developed the ideal family of plates for crystallography applications: the Intelli-Plate. All versions of the Intelli-Plate have the SBS microplate footprint and standard well spacing and are ideal for manual or automated processing.

The Intelli-Plate 96-2 LVR (Art Robbins 102-0001-00 Hampton Research HR3-143 and HR3-145) is a Low Volume Reservoir version of the Intelli-Plate 96-2 Original (Art Robbins 102-0011-00 Hampton Research HR3-297 and HR3-299).

Reservoir volume: 100 µl max.
Drop well volume: 1 µl max.
Plates are made of cyclic olefin.
UV transmissible and low birefringence.

HR3-143 Intelli-Plate 96-2 LVR 10 plate case
HR3-145 Intelli-Plate 96-2 LVR 40 plate case