Hampton 384孔结晶板CrystalEX™ 384 Well, Flat Bottom Plate (Corning)

Hampton 384孔结晶板CrystalEX™ 384 Well, Flat Bottom Plate (Corning)


  • Sitting drop crystallization


  • Designed for full automation in crystal screening, built to meet industry standards for 384 well microplate footprint and well locations
  • Features 192 reservoir wells (105 µL/well) and 192 corresponding protein wells (4 µL/well)
  • Reservoir wells and protein wells are positioned to be compatible with multihead dispensing equipment (up to 96 well heads)
  • Manufactured from an advanced polymer with high resistance to commonly used solvents, including acetone, acetic acid, butanone, ethanol, isopropanol, methanol, DMSO, nitric acid (65%), sulfuric acid (40%), hydrochloric acid (36%), and ammonia solution (33%)
  • Low background polarization and high optical clarity allows protein crystals to be easily viewed under polarized light with minimal background interference
  • Low water absorption of the polymer prevents loss of protein drop volume


The plates can be sealed using Crystal Clear Sealing Tape or ClearSeal Film™.

ClearSeal Film™ and Applicator
Crystal Clear Sealing Tape
Crystal Clear Sealing Film


  • 坐滴结晶


  • 设计用于晶体筛选的完全自动化,其建造符合384井微板足迹和井位的工业标准。
  • 共有192口油藏井(105升/井)和192口相应的蛋白质井(4口井/井)
  • 油藏井和蛋白质井的位置与多头配药设备兼容(最多可达96口井)。
  • 由一种耐丙酮、乙酸、丁酮、乙醇、异丙醇、甲醇、DMSO、硝酸(65%)、硫酸(40%)、盐酸(36%)和氨水(33%)的高级聚合物制成。
  • 背景偏振度低,光学清晰度高,使蛋白质晶体在偏振光下易于观察,背景干扰最小。
  • 聚合物的低吸水率可防止蛋白质滴体积的损失。



HR8-056 CrystalEX 384 Well,Flat Bottom,Corning 3775 10 plate case
HR8-058 CrystalEX 384 Well,Flat Bottom,Corning 3775 40 plate case

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