Hampton Santovac Cryo Oil替代HR2-643 Parabar10312

Hampton Santovac Cryo Oil替代HR2-643 Parabar10312


  • Oil based cryoprotectant



  • Low viscosity
  • Low surface tension
  • Cryoprotectant for soluble and membrane protein crystals
  • Not miscible with most solvents
  • Non toxic, non penetrating cryoprotectant



Used during cryocrystallography to displace and reduce the amount of water (mother liquor, reagent) on the crystal after the crystal is mounted in a cryoloop. Coating the crystal with oil can minimize evaporation from the crystal and reduce exposure and slow diffusion of air (oxygen) to the crystal.

Santovac Cryo Oil offers low viscosity, incredibly low vapor pressure, low surface tension, excellent chemical inertness and excellent thermal stability.

Dip the mounted crystal into the oil to displace surface water. Or add a small amount of Santovac to the crystallization drop before mounting the crystal. After adding the Santovac, mount the crystal using a Mounted Cryoloop. Withdraw the mounted crystal from the drop and the Santovac will coat the mounted crystal. Cryogenically cool the mounted crystal.

Santovac (Santovac 5) is a five ring polyphenyl ether (PPE) with very low vapor pressure and low reactivity. The oil is highly resistant to oxidation. The only elements in the pure polyphenyl ether are oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

The fluid is chemically stable, non-corrosive, safe and non-toxic at normal operating temperatures.

Santovac is not miscible with water, paraffin oil, silicon oil, alkanes, or Parabar 10312 (Paratone). Santovac is miscible with acetone. Shelf life 5 years.

Santovac® is a trademark of Santovac® Fluids.


Santovac Cryo Oil 具有低粘度、极低的蒸气压、低表面张力、出色的化学惰性和出色的热稳定性。

将镶嵌好的晶体浸入油中以置换地表水。或在安装晶体之前向结晶滴中添加少量 Santovac。添加 Santovac 后,使用 Mounted Cryoloop 安装晶体。从液滴中取出已安装的晶体,Santovac 将涂覆已安装的晶体。低温冷却安装的晶体。

Santovac (Santovac 5) 是一种具有极低蒸气压和低反应性的五环聚苯醚 (PPE)。该油具有很强的抗氧化性。纯聚苯醚中唯一的元素是氧、氢和碳。


Santovac 与水、石蜡油、硅油、烷烃或 Parabar 10312 (Paratone) 不混溶。 Santovac 可与丙酮混溶。保质期5年。

Santovac® 是 Santovac® Fluids 的商标。

HR2-861 Santovac Cryo Oil 1 mL



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