Hampton HR4-710 Izit Crystal Dye 蛋白染色试剂

Hampton HR4-710 Izit Crystal Dye 蛋白染色试剂

Hampton research蛋白结晶试剂代理–上海金畔生物


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Differentiate protein crystals from salt crystals
0.22 micron sterile filtered solution
Small molecule dye penetrates solvent channels of macromolecular crystals, coloring the crystals blue
Salt crystals cannot absorb Izit and remain colorless
Differentiate protein and non-protein based phase separation
Formulated in Type 1+ ultrapure water: 18.2 megaohm-cm resistivity at 25掳C, < 5 ppb Total Organic Carbon, bacteria free (<1 Bacteria (CFU/ml)), pyrogen free (<0.03 Endotoxin (EU/ml)), RNase-free (< 0.01 ng/mL) and DNase-free (< 4 pg/碌L)

Izit coloring protein phase separation blue

Crystals before Izit

Crystals after Izit

A crystal! Is it protein or is it salt? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Sure you could mount the crystal in question and take a quick look at the diffraction pattern but perhaps you’re too lazy or you don’t have an x-ray facility. Well, there’s always the crush test. One simply takes a MicroTool™ or Crystal Probe™ and crushes the suspect crystal. A click or solid crunch is indicative of salt while a powder or silent destruction might indicate one just destroyed a perfectly good protein crystal. Izit is here to help. Simply place 1 µl of Izit in the sample drop and wait for an hour or so. Izit is a small molecule dye which will fill the solvent channels in protein crystals, coloring the crystals blue. With the appropriate dilution, Izit will in fact leave a clear drop with blue crystals, as illustrated in the picture above. Salt crystals do not possess these large solvent channels. Therefore, Izit cannot enter the crystal, leaving one with a clear crystal and a blue drop. Izit is especially nice for small microcrystals or questionable precipitate. The 0.5 ml vial of Izit is sufficient for more than thousands of crystallization drops.

Each Izit vial contains 0.5 ml of Izit dye. All solutions are formulated using ultra-pure water and are sterile filtered. Crystallization accessories are sold separately.

盐晶体不能吸收 Izit 并保持无色
在 1+ 型超纯水中配制:25°C 时电阻率为 18.2 兆欧-厘米,< 5 ppb 总有机碳,无细菌(<1 细菌 (CFU/ml)),无热原(<0.03 内毒素 (EU/ml)) , 无 RNase (< 0.01 ng/mL) 和无 DNase (< 4 pg/mL)
Izit 着色蛋白质相分离蓝色



一个水晶!是蛋白质还是盐?你有没有问过自己这个问题?当然,您可以安装有问题的晶体并快速查看衍射图,但也许您太懒了,或者您没有 X 射线设备。好吧,总是有粉碎测试。只需使用 MicroTool™ 或 Crystal Probe™ 即可粉碎可疑晶体。咔嗒声或固体嘎吱声表示盐分,而粉末或无声破坏可能表示刚刚破坏了完美的蛋白质晶体。 Izit 是来帮忙的。只需将 1 µl Izit 放入样品滴中并等待一个小时左右。 Izit 是一种小分子染料,可填充蛋白质晶体中的溶剂通道,使晶体呈蓝色。通过适当的稀释,Izit 实际上会留下带有蓝色晶体的清晰液滴,如上图所示。盐晶体不具有这些大的溶剂通道。因此,伊兹特无法进入水晶,留下一个透明的水晶和蓝色的水滴。 Izit 特别适用于小微晶或可疑沉淀物。 0.5 毫升的 Izit 小瓶足以容纳超过数千滴结晶滴。

每个 Izit 小瓶含有 0.5 毫升 Izit 染料。所有溶液均使用超纯水配制并经过无菌过滤。结晶配件单独出售。

HR4-710 Izit Crystal Dye 0.5 ml vial