Molecular Dimensions 蛋白结晶培养箱(台式)

Molecular Dimensions 蛋白结晶培养箱(台式)

Bench-Top Incubators

A simple, cost-effective bench top solution for crystal growth and temperature screening.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-low vibration Peltier-based. No compressors, no CFCs. Energy-efficient
  • Temperature range from 4.0°C to 70.0°C, with an accuracy ± 0.5°C.
  • Choose between fully programmable or non- programmable controls.
  • 27.5L, 55 L or new 100L volumes
  • Timer with alarm and Auto-Off
  • Electronic calibration and power failure protection
  • RS232 serial port interface
  • 12-month warranty, UL, CSA and CE listed

Plate Capacity (approx max):
27.5 L model: 60 x SBS, 25 x XRL/Linbro
55.0 L model: 140 x SBS, 58 x XRL/Linbro
100  L model: 250 x SBS, 112 x XRL/Linbro

“Nicely built product helpful in crystallization of proteins. It is light weight and have ergonomic design. Peltier based cooling keeps it vibration free.”
Suman Kumar Mandal, Shiv Nadar University, India



  • 基于 Peltier 的超低振动。没有压缩机,没有 CFC。高效节能
  • 温度范围为 4.0°C 至 70.0°C,精度为 ± 0.5°C。
  • 在完全可编程或非可编程控制之间进行选择。
  • 27.5L、55L 或新的 100L 容积
  • 带闹钟和自动关闭功能的定时器
  • 电子校准和断电保护
  • RS232串口接口
  • 12 个月保修,通过 UL、CSA 和 CE 认证

27.5 L 型号:60 x SBS、25 x XRL/Linbro
55.0 L 型号:140 x SBS、58 x XRL/Linbro
100 L 型号:250 x SBS、112 x XRL/

Linbro有助于蛋白质结晶。重量轻,符合人体工程学设计。基于 Peltier 的冷却使其无振动。
Suman Kumar Mandal,印度希夫纳达尔大学

Product # Product Name
MD5-600 27.5L Bench Top Incubator (Non-programmable)
MD5-601 27.5L Bench Top Incubator (Fully-programmable)
MD5-602 55L Bench Top Incubator (Non-programmable)
MD5-603 55L Bench Top Incubator (Fully-programmable)
MD5-604 100L Bench Top Incubator (Non-programmable)
MD5-605 100L Bench Top Incubator (Fully-programmable)
MD5-606 Bench Top Incubator Stacker
产品名称 单位尺寸
MD5-600 27.5L 台式培养箱(不可编程)
MD5-601 27.5L 台式培养箱(完全可编程)
MD5-602 55L 台式培养箱(不可编程)
MD5-603 55L 台式培养箱(完全可编程)
MD5-604 100L 台式培养箱(不可编程)
MD5-605 100L 台式培养箱(完全可编程)
MD5-606 台式培养箱堆垛机