Molecular Dimensions品牌代理–蛋白结晶

Molecular Dimensions品牌代理–蛋白结晶

上海金畔生物代理Molecular Dimensions品牌蛋白结晶试剂耗材,欢迎新老客户访问Molecular Dimensions官网或者咨询我们获取更多产品信息。

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  • 英国Molecular Dimensions欧洲权威蛋白质结晶试剂与耗材生产商 产品分类: 1.Crystal Growth Screens 晶体生长试剂 ⑴Soluble protein screen 可溶性蛋白结晶试剂 ⑵Membrane Protein Crystallization 膜蛋白结晶化试剂 ①Membrane Protein Crystal Growth Screens > 膜蛋白晶体生长试剂-基于成功。

Molecular Dimensions

英国Molecular Dimensions
英国Molecular Dimensions欧洲权威蛋白质结晶试剂与耗材生产商

1.Crystal Growth Screens 晶体生长试剂

⑴Soluble protein screen 可溶性蛋白结晶试剂
⑵Membrane Protein Crystallization 膜蛋白结晶化试剂
①Membrane Protein Crystal Growth Screens > 膜蛋白晶体生长试剂-基于成功的膜蛋白结晶的现代化的试剂。
②detergent 去垢剂-去垢剂和膜蛋白结晶化的试剂
⑶Protein Complex Screens >蛋白复合结晶化-这些试剂满足维持蛋白-蛋白间交互作用和减少复合物可溶性的双重需要。
⑷Nuclear Receptor Ligand Binding Domains >向心配合体绑定区域的结晶化-提供向心配合体绑定区域的结晶化试剂。

2.Optimization > 优化试剂

⑴Single screen reagents >单个的蛋白结晶试剂-可以提供晶体生长试剂盒中的单独的结晶试剂。
⑵Buffer concentrates >缓冲溶液
⑶Stock Reagents >
PEG Precipitants >
Jeffamines >
Other Precipitants >
⑷The Really Useful Buffer Kit >非常有用的缓冲试剂盒
⑸Optimization screens >晶体优化试剂-提供用于改善晶体质量的凝胶状表面,小分子以及去垢剂。
⑹Crystal growth oils >晶体生长用油类-提供批量化结晶用油类。

3. High-Throughput Consumables >高通量的晶体生长耗材

⑴High-Throughput Crystal Growth Screens >
⑵High-Throughput Plates >
①sitting drop plates
②hanging drop
⑶High-Throughput Adhesive Seals >

4.Plates and Accessories >

5. Cryocrystallography >

6. Protein Expression Media and Protein Production >

⑴SelenoMet Medium >
⑵Protein Expression Media >
⑶Protein Refolding >
⑷GeBaFlex Dialysis and Electroelution tubes >

7.books 工具书

Preparation & Analysis of Protein Crystals
Practical Protein Crystallography
Principles of Protein X-Ray Crystallography
Methods in Enzymology 276
Methods in Enzymology 277
Protein Methods
Protein Crystallization Techniques Strategies & Tips
Crystallization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins
Crystallization of Nucleic Acids and Proteins
Fundamentals of Crystallography
Crystals and Life. A Personal Journey
Understanding Diseases by Understanding Proteins
ICCBM 9 Proceedings
Methods and Results in the Crystallization of Membrane Proteins
Outline of Crystallography for Biologists

8.Tools >一系列对您实验有帮助的工具。

Microtools >微型工具-包括Box of Micro Tools;Micro Knife;Micro Scraper;Micro Needle;Micro Spade;Micro Spatula;Micro Chisel;Micro Prober;Micro Scale;Microtool Handle

9. Mosquito >Mosquito-液滴处理的新工具,其优点是:紧凑,精确,便利,灵活,易于操作,无交叉污染,可随意使用。

10. CrystalPro – Crystal Imaging Systems >

11. Crystal DUVI- DLS/ UV/White Light Imagers >

12. Single Station Personal Pipettor >

13. Incubators >晶体生长孵化器

Cooled Crystallization Incubator 390 litre
Cooled Crystallization Incubator 250 litre
Cooled Crystallization Incubator 180 litre
Cooled Crystallization Incubator 100 litre

14. Crystallography Giftware >

Molecular Dimensions Ltd. was founded in 1998 to provide crystallographers in the UK and Europe with products tailored to meet their specific demands from a local source. During these early days Molecular Dimensions formed some very strong alliances with leading crystallographers to develop and commercialise numerous unique ideas. Today these alliances are just as strong with our new crystalisation screen, MorpheusTM, being the latest example (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK).

In addition to the continued development of our range of unique and intelligent screen solutions, the company has also been required to expand both in its geographical location (Offices in USA and Distribution in Asia) but also in our product portfolio with many new and inventive products being included, most recently CrystalDUVITM. Molecular Dimensions Ltd. continues to be an exciting company to be involved with not only a full pipeline of development ideas but also the willingness and ability to move very quickly and respond to the requirements of the crystallographic community.

We have also added several items of hardware to our catalogue, all of which are of the very highest quality and at the cutting edge of their respective technologies, e.g MosquitoTM, CrystalProTM and RuMed® Incubators. These products continue to evolve through the close collaborative realtionships between Molecular Dimensions and TTP Labtech , TriTek Corp and Rubarth Apparat GmbH.

At Molecular Dimensions Ltd. we focus our efforts on providing you, the crystallographer, with Intelligent Solutions rather than selling everything and anything, thus making it easier for you to find exactly what you need when you need it. We hope that you find everything that you require, but we are always happy to hear any comments, recommendations or ideas that you may have.