Hampton HR3-105 MASTERBLOCK® 96 Deep Well (Greiner)

Hampton HR3-105 MASTERBLOCK® 96 Deep Well (Greiner)


  • 96 Deep Well block for crystallization screen reagents


  • SBS format, 96 well
  • Sterile, individually sealed plates
  • Polypropylene
  • Seal with AlumaSeal II, Crystal Clear Sealing Film, or Cap Mats


The Greiner 780261 MASTERBLOCK® is a 96 Deep Well polypropylene block (plate). Each well has a fill volume of 1.2 ml. The MASTERBLOCK® is useful for holding crystallization screen reagents when using liquid handling automation or multi channel pipets. Each plate is sterile and packaged individually. Round bottom well for complete reagent recovery. ClearChoice™ virgin polypropylene resin (autoclavable to 121°C). SBS recommended dimensions. Alphanumerically coded wells with chimney-style, round well top.

The Microplate Lid is a temporary cover for the crystallization screens in 96 deep well format. The single position, high profile cover with individual condensation rings over each reagent well can help minimize reagent evaporation from 96 deep well reagent plates as well as protect the reagents from particulate and contamination. The individually wrapped, sterile Microplate Lid is made from optically clear polystyrene. Greiner 656171.

The Cap Mat is made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). Resistant to DMSO and can be used in a temperature range between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius. Suitable for sealing Greiner 780261 1 milliliter Deep Well Plate (HR3-105). These cap mats are not piercable. Supplied sterile. Greiner part number 381061.


  • 96块深井结晶筛试剂


  • SBS格式,96井
  • 无菌的,单独密封的板
  • 聚丙烯
  • 用铝封II、水晶透明密封膜或帽垫密封


这个Greiner 780261 MASTERBLOCK是一个96深井聚丙烯块(板)。每口井的填充量为1.2ml。MASTERBLOCK适用于在使用液体处理自动化或多通道感应器时保持晶化屏幕试剂。每个盘子是无菌的,单独包装。圆形底井,完全回收试剂。™纯聚丙烯树脂(蒸压至121°C)。SBS推荐尺寸。字母数字编码井与烟囱式,圆形井顶。


这个帽垫由醋酸乙烯乙酯(EVA)制成。耐DMSO,可在摄氏-20至+60度的温度范围内使用。适用于密封格雷纳780261 1毫升深井板(HR3-105).这些帽垫是不可穿的。供应无菌。格雷纳零件编号381061。

HR3-105 MASTERBLOCK® 96 Deep Well polypropylene plate 50 plate case
HR4-527 Microplate Lid 10 plate case
HR3-103 Cap Mat for MASTERBLOCK® pack of 50