Hampton 洗涤试剂Detergent Screen

Hampton 洗涤试剂Detergent Screen

Detergent Screen
96 detergent formulations for sample and crystal optimization

Detergent Screen

A tetragonal crystal of AppA, a photoreceptor from Rhodobacter sphaeroides, grown in Hampton Research Detergent Screen. Vladimira Dragnea, Indiana University.

Crystal of beta-lactamase grown in the presence of detergent. James Knox, University of Connecticut

Applications   应用

Manipulate sample-sample and sample-solvent interactions, including non-specific aggregation due to hydrophobic interactions, to alter sample solubility, or obtain or improve crystalline samples.

Features 特征
Developed at Hampton Research  汉普顿公司研究开发
For use with either membrane or soluble proteins  用于膜或可溶性蛋白质
Compatible with vapor diffusion, microbatch, and free interface diffusion methods         兼容蒸汽扩散,微批和自由界面扩散方法。
96 Deep Well block format     96深井区块格式
Classification of Detergents in screen  筛分中洗涤剂的分类
Ionic  离子
Non-ionic  非离子
Zwitterionic  两性离子
Non-detergent Sulfobetaines  非洗涤剂磺酸盐

Note: HR2-407 Detergent Screen is a new formulation and has replaced the original HR2-406 Detergent Screen HT.

For crystallization to take place, a protein must be soluble in aqueous solution. Ideally the sample should be homogeneous, monodisperse, and in a state of aggregation conducive to interactions which will promote the nucleation and subsequent growth of a crystal. Unfavorable aggregation can compete with, obstruct, and prevent the normal ordering or the sample into a crystal. Many proteins, typically membrane proteins, membrane associated proteins, and soluble proteins contain hydrophobic residues on the surface which can lead to non-specific aggregation, a deterrent to solubility and crystallization. Mild, biological detergents can perturb and manipulate hydrophobic sample-sample and sample-solvent interactions. Incorporating detergents into the solubilization or crystallization reagent during screening and optimization is a popular and effective strategy for identifying conditions which promote and enhance solubility and crystallization. Besides improving the crystallization properties for some proteins and nucleic acids, detergents have also been shown to alleviate problems of twinning and secondary nucleation and can also produce different crystal forms.

Since it can be difficult to impossible a priori to predict and select which detergent or solubilizing agent will minimize the general nonspecific interactions yet at the same time sustain the specific interactions necessary for crystallization, the screening of a portfolio of detergent and solubilizing reagents is an efficient and effective strategy to identify the appropriate and best detergent reagent. The Detergent Screen is a set of solubilization and crystallization specific, mild, biological detergent reagents in a ready to use format at concentrations appropriate for solubility and crystallization screens. The Detergent Screen format allows one to identify a detergent effect as well as help select the best detergent reagent.

Each Detergent Screen kit contains 96 unique detergents. 0.25 ml of detergent solution is formulated at 10 times the reported CMC (unless otherwise noted) in sterile filtered deionized water. The Detergent Screen kit contains 96 solutions in a single Deep Well block, a single sheet of AlumaSeal II Sealing Film, User Guide, Formulations, and Scoring Sheet.

HR2-407 Detergent Screen 0.25 ml, Deep Well block format

Detergent Screen HT Individual Reagents  0.5 ml

Crystal of alpha amylase

Membrane protein crystallized with beta D-glucopyranoside. Karl Brillet, IREBS, Illkirch, France.

Membrane protein crystallized with CHESO (2- hydroxyethyloctylsulfoxide. Karl Brillet, IREBS, Illkirch, France.


Individual Detergent Screen reagents for screening, optimization

Individual reagents from the original HR2-406 Detergent Screen HT
Formulated in Type 1+ ultrapure water: 18.2 megaohm-cm resistivity at 25°C, < 5 ppb Total Organic Carbon, bacteria free (<1 Bacteria (CFU/ml)), pyrogen free (<0.03 Endotoxin (EU/ml)), RNase-free (< 0.01 ng/mL) and DNase-free (< 4 pg/µL)

0.5 ml volume
Individual reagents from the original HR2-406 Detergent Screen HT supplied in a volume of 0.5 milliliter in a sterile polypropylene tune with o-ring seal. All detergents formulated in deionized, sterile filtered Type 1 Laboratory Water. Container is purged with argon prior to closure.

HR2-406-01 Detergent Screen 01 (A1) 0.5ml 10% w/v BAM
HR2-406-02A Detergent Screen 02 (A2) 0.5ml 50.0 mM n-Dodecyl-ß-iminodipropionic acid, monosodium salt
HR2-406-02B Detergent Screen 02 (A2) 0.5ml 0.10 mM Lauryl maltose neopentyl glycol
HR2-406-03 Detergent Screen 03 (A3) 0.5ml 0.46 mM Dodecyltrimethylammonium chloride
HR2-406-04 Detergent Screen 04 (A4) 0.5ml 10.0 mM CTAB
HR2-406-05 Detergent Screen 05 (A5) 0.5ml 60.0 mM Deoxycholic acid, sodium salt
HR2-406-06 Detergent Screen 06 (A6) 0.5ml 80.0 mM Sodium dodecyl sulfate
HR2-406-07 Detergent Screen 07 (A7) 0.5ml 140.0 mM Sodium cholate
HR2-406-08 Detergent Screen 08 (A8) 0.5ml 144.0 mM Sodium dodecanoyl sarcosine
HR2-406-09 Detergent Screen 09 (A9) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-X-305
HR2-406-10 Detergent Screen 10 (A10) 0.5ml 10% w/v IPTG
HR2-406-11 Detergent Screen 11 (A11) 0.5ml 0.006 mM n-Hexadecyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-406-12 Detergent Screen 12 (A12) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-58
HR2-406-13 Detergent Screen 13 (B1) 0.5ml 0.10 mM n-Tetradecyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-406-14 Detergent Screen 14 (B2) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-80
HR2-406-15 Detergent Screen 15 (B3) 0.5ml 0.33 mM n-Tridecyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-406-16 Detergent Screen 16 (B4) 0.5ml 0.50 mM ANAPOE®-C12E9
HR2-406-17 Detergent Screen 17 (B5) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-20
HR2-406-18 Detergent Screen 18 (B6) 0.5ml 0.90 mM Thesit®
HR2-406-19 Detergent Screen 19 (B7) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-35
HR2-406-20 Detergent Screen 20 (B8) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-C13E8
HR2-406-21 Detergent Screen 21 (B9) 0.5ml 1.1 mM ANAPOE®-C12E8
HR2-406-22 Detergent Screen 22 (B10) 0.5ml 1.7 mM n-Dodecyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-406-23 Detergent Screen 23 (B11) 0.5ml 1.9 mM CYMAL®-7
HR2-406-24 Detergent Screen 24 (B12) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-X-114
HR2-406-25 Detergent Screen 25 (C1) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-C12E10
HR2-406-26 Detergent Screen 26 (C2) 0.5ml 3.0 mM Sucrose monolaurate
HR2-406-27 Detergent Screen 27 (C3) 0.5ml 5.6 mM CYMAL®-6
HR2-406-28 Detergent Screen 28 (C4) 0.5ml 5.9 mM n-Undecyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-406-29 Detergent Screen 29 (C5) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-X-405
HR2-406-30 Detergent Screen 30 (C6) 0.5ml 9.0 mM TRITON® X-100
HR2-406-31 Detergent Screen 31 (C7) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-C10E6
HR2-406-32 Detergent Screen 32 (C8) 0.5ml 9.0 mM n-Decyl-ß-D-thiomaltoside
HR2-406-33 Detergent Screen 33 (C9) 0.5ml 10.2 mM Octyl maltoside, fluorinated
HR2-406-34 Detergent Screen 34 (C10) 0.5ml 10% w/v ANAPOE®-C10E9
HR2-406-35 Detergent Screen 35 (C11) 0.5ml 14.0 mM Big CHAP, deoxy
HR2-406-36 Detergent Screen 36 (C12) 0.5ml 18.0 mM n-Decyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-406-37 Detergent Screen 37 (D1) 0.5ml 20.0 mM LDAO
HR2-406-38 Detergent Screen 38 (D2) 0.5ml 25.0 mM n-Decanoylsucrose
HR2-406-39 Detergent Screen 39 (D3) 0.5ml 1.5 mM n-Nonyl-ß-D-thioglucoside
HR2-406-40 Detergent Screen 40 (D4) 0.5ml 32.0 mM n-Nonyl-ß-D-thiomaltoside
HR2-406-41 Detergent Screen 41 (D5) 0.5ml 50.0 mM CYMAL®-5
HR2-406-42 Detergent Screen 42 (D6) 0.5ml 60.0 mM n-Nonyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-406-43 Detergent Screen 43 (D7) 0.5ml 65.0 mM n-Nonyl-ß-D-glucoside
HR2-406-44 Detergent Screen 44 (D8) 0.5ml 70.0 mM HEGA®-10
HR2-406-45 Detergent Screen 45 (D9) 0.5ml 70.0 mM MEGA-10
HR2-406-46 Detergent Screen 46 (D10) 0.5ml 71.0 mM C8E5
HR2-406-47 Detergent Screen 47 (D11) 0.5ml 76.0 mM CYMAL®-4
HR2-406-48 Detergent Screen 48 (D12) 0.5ml 80.0 mM C8E4
HR2-406-49 Detergent Screen 49 (E1) 0.5ml 85.0 mM n-Octyl-ß-D-thiomaltoside
HR2-406-50 Detergent Screen 50 (E2) 0.5ml 90.0 mM n-Octyl-ß-D-thioglucoside
HR2-406-51 Detergent Screen 51 (E3) 0.5ml 100.0 mM Hexaethylene glycol monooctyl ether
HR2-406-52 Detergent Screen 52 (E4) 0.5ml 104.0 mM DDAO
HR2-406-53 Detergent Screen 53 (E5) 0.5ml 115.0 mM C-HEGA®-11
HR2-406-54 Detergent Screen 54 (E6) 0.5ml 10% w/v Pluronic® F-68
HR2-406-55 Detergent Screen 55 (E7) 0.5ml 195.0 mM HECAMEG®
HR2-406-56 Detergent Screen 56 (E8) 0.5ml 200.0 mM n-Octyl-ß-D-glucoside
HR2-406-57A Detergent Screen 57 (E9) 0.5ml 244.0 mM n-Octanoylsucrose
HR2-406-57B Detergent Screen 57 (E9) 0.5ml 250.0 mM Sulfobetaine 3-10
HR2-406-58 Detergent Screen 58 (E10) 0.5ml 250.0 mM MEGA-9
HR2-406-59 Detergent Screen 59 (E11) 0.5ml 275.0 mM 2,6-Dimethyl-4-heptyl-ß-D-maltopyranoside
HR2-406-60 Detergent Screen 60 (E12) 0.5ml 290.0 mM n-Heptyl-ß-D-thioglucopyranoside
HR2-406-61 Detergent Screen 61 (F1) 0.5ml 0.1% w/v n-Octyl-ß-D-galactopyranoside
HR2-406-62 Detergent Screen 62 (F2) 0.5ml 345.0 mM CYMAL®-3
HR2-406-63 Detergent Screen 63 (F3) 0.5ml 350.0 mM C-HEGA®-10
HR2-406-64 Detergent Screen 64 (F4) 0.5ml 390.0 mM HEGA®-9
HR2-406-65 Detergent Screen 65 (F5) 0.5ml 400.0 mM Dimethyloctylphosphine oxide
HR2-406-66 Detergent Screen 66 (F6) 0.5ml 790.0 mM MEGA-8
HR2-406-67 Detergent Screen 67 (F7) 0.5ml 1.08 M C-HEGA®-9
HR2-406-68 Detergent Screen 68 (F8) 0.5ml 1.09 M HEGA®-8
HR2-406-69 Detergent Screen 69 (F9) 0.5ml 1.20 M CYMAL®-2
HR2-406-70 Detergent Screen 70 (F10) 0.5ml 2.50 M n-Hexyl-ß-D-glucopyranoside
HR2-406-71A Detergent Screen 71 (F11) 0.5ml 6.6% w/v C-HEGA®-8
HR2-406-71B Detergent Screen 71 (F11) 0.5ml 45 mM Tripao
HR2-406-72 Detergent Screen 72 (F12) 0.5ml 10% w/v CYMAL®-1
HR2-406-73 Detergent Screen 73 (G1) 0.5ml 0.5 M NDSB-195
HR2-406-74 Detergent Screen 74 (G2) 0.5ml 0.5 M NDSB-201
HR2-406-75 Detergent Screen 75 (G3) 0.5ml 0.5 M NDSB-211
HR2-406-76 Detergent Screen 76 (G4) 0.5ml 0.5 M NDSB-221
HR2-406-77 Detergent Screen 77 (G5) 0.5ml 0.5 M NDSB-256
HR2-406-78 Detergent Screen 78 (G6) 0.5ml 4.0 mM ZWITTERGENT® 3-14
HR2-406-79 Detergent Screen 79 (G7) 0.5ml 15.0 mM n-Dodecyl-N,N-dimethylglycine
HR2-406-80 Detergent Screen 80 (G8) 0.5ml 15.0 mM FOS-Choline®-12
HR2-406-81 Detergent Screen 81 (G9) 0.5ml 22.0 mM FOS-Choline®-8, fluorinated
HR2-406-82 Detergent Screen 82 (G10) 0.5ml 32.10 mM n-Undecyl-N,N-Dimethylamine-oxide
HR2-406-83 Detergent Screen 83 (G11) 0.5ml 40.0 mM ZWITTERGENT® 3-12
HR2-406-84 Detergent Screen 84 (G12) 0.5ml 43.0 mM DDMAB
HR2-406-85 Detergent Screen 85 (H1) 0.5ml 52.5 mM FOS-MEA®-10
HR2-406-86 Detergent Screen 86 (H2) 0.5ml 80.0 mM CHAPS
HR2-406-87 Detergent Screen 87 (H3) 0.5ml 80.0 mM CHAPSO
HR2-406-88 Detergent Screen 88 (H4) 0.5ml 110.0 mM FOS-Choline®-10
HR2-406-89 Detergent Screen 89 (H5) 0.5ml 190.0 mM n-Decyl-N,N-dimethylglycine
HR2-406-90 Detergent Screen 90 (H6) 0.5ml 395.0 mM FOS-Choline®-9
HR2-406-91 Detergent Screen 91 (H7) 0.5ml 400.0 mM ZWITTERGENT® 3-10
HR2-406-92 Detergent Screen 92 (H8) 0.5ml 430.0 mM CYCLOFOS™-3
HR2-406-93 Detergent Screen 93 (H9) 0.5ml 1.14 M FOS-Choline®-8
HR2-406-94 Detergent Screen 94 (H10) 0.5ml 10% w/v ZWITTERGENT® 3-08
HR2-406-95 Detergent Screen 95 (H11) 0.5ml 7.0 mM LysoFos™ Choline 12
HR2-406-96A Detergent Screen 96 (H12) 0.5ml 70.0 mM LysoFos™ Choline 10
HR2-406-96B HR2-406-96 – Detergent Screen 96 (H12) 0.5ml 0.36 mM LysoFos™ Choline 14

Detergent Screen Individual Reagents
0.5 ml
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Primary biased sparse matrix crystallization screen for membrane proteins and proteins with limited solubility