Hampton HR4-126 X-Acto Gripster Knife 密封胶带和薄膜割刀

Hampton HR4-126 X-Acto Gripster Knife 密封胶带和薄膜割刀


  • Cutting and removing sealing tape and film from crystallization plates


  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Safety cap for blade
  • Soft grip barrel
  • Anti-roll design – will not roll off table or microscope


Precisely cuts tapes and films around reservoir and drops from crystallization plates, safely and easily. Ergonomic soft rubberized barrel is firm and comfortable for better control. Easy to clean handle. Rear blade release is for easier and safer blade changing. Rear blade release makes blade changing safer, easier, and faster. Safety cap cover for blade. Anti-roll stop design – knife will not roll off table or microscope and stab you in the toe. Supplied with one #11 blade. Replacement blades available separately.

#11 Replacement Blade – Extremely sharp point for fine angle cutting. Stainless steel. Sold in a package of five blades.

X-Acto® is a registered trademark of Elmer’s Products, Inc.


HR4-124     X-Acto Gripster Knife     Each

Crystal Screen as an additive screen 附加屏幕

Crystal Screen as an additive screen 附加屏幕

Although Hampton Research does offer a specifically formulated Additive Screen (HR2-428), here is a tip when one already has a sparse matrix screen or two laying about the lab. When screening additives try adding 50 microliters of each Crystal Screen reagent to 950 microliters the “best” crystallization conditions thus far in order to see if any of the reagents in Crystal Screen might serve as good additives. Crystal Screen 2 is an especially good kit for this technique since Crystal Screen 2 contains numerous divalent cations, Jeffamine® Reagent, and a few other “novel” agents. Jeffamine® is a registered trademark of the Huntsman Petrochemical Corporation

Reference 参考文献

Crystallization of foot-and-mouth disease virus 3C protease: surface mutagenesis and a novel crystal-optimization strategy. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 2005 May;61(Pt 5):646-50. Epub 2005 Apr 20. Birtley JR1, Curry S.

尽管 Hampton Research 确实提供了一种专门配制的添加剂屏幕 (HR2-428),但当一个人在实验室周围已经有一个或两个稀疏矩阵屏幕时,这里有一个提示。 当筛选添加剂时,尝试将 50 微升的每种 Crystal Screen 试剂添加到迄今为止“最佳”结晶条件的 950 微升中,以查看 Crystal Screen 中的任何试剂是否可以作为良好的添加剂。 Crystal Screen 2 是该技术特别好的套件,因为 Crystal Screen 2 包含大量二价阳离子、Jeffamine® 试剂和一些其他“新型”试剂。 Jeffamine® 是 Huntsman Petrochemical Corporation 的注册商标。


Glycerol  蛋白结晶蒸汽扩散结晶实验中添加甘油

Glycerol  蛋白结晶蒸汽扩散结晶实验中添加甘油

Looking for yet another additive to try during optimization? Try glycerol. Typical concentrations in the drop can range from 3 to 15%. Glycerol may limit non-specific aggregation and could be useful if you plan to use cryo techniques during data collection.

When adding glycerol to the vapor diffusion crystallization experiment be sure to have a higher glycerol concentration in the reservoir than the drop otherwise you may find that your drops will get biggger and not smaller. Reference: Vera,L., Czarny, B., Georgiadis, D., Dive, V., Stura, E.A. (2011) Practical Use of Glycerol in Protein Crystallization. Cryst. Growth & Des. 11 :2755–2762

正在寻找另一种在优化过程中尝试的添加剂? 试试甘油。 液滴中的典型浓度范围为 3% 至 15%。 甘油可能会限制非特异性聚合,如果您计划在数据收集期间使用冷冻技术,它可能会很有用。

在蒸汽扩散结晶实验中添加甘油时,请确保容器中的甘油浓度高于液滴,否则您可能会发现液滴会变得更大而不是更小。 参考: Vera,L.、Czarny, B.、Georgiadis, D.、Dive, V.、Stura, E.A. (2011) 甘油在蛋白质结晶中的实际应用。 水晶。 成长与发展。 11:2755–2762

Hampton Additive Screen试剂盒单独成分

Hampton Additive Screen试剂盒单独成分

Hampton 单独的添加剂筛选试剂 Individual Additive Screen Reagents


  • Individual reagents from Additive Screen and Additive Screen HT for screening, optimization, and production.

来自 Additive Screen 和 Additive Screen HT 的单独试剂,用于筛选、优化和生产。


  • 1 ml
  • Formulated in Type 1+ ultrapure water: 18.2 megaohm-cm resistivity at 25°C, < 5 ppb Total Organic Carbon, bacteria free (<1 Bacteria (CFU/ml)), pyrogen free (<0.03 Endotoxin (EU/ml)), RNase-free (< 0.01 ng/mL) and DNase-free (< 4 pg/µL)

在 1+ 型超纯水中配制:25°C 时电阻率为 18.2 兆欧厘米,< 5 ppb 总有机碳,无细菌(<1 细菌(CFU/ml)),无热原(<0.03 内毒素(EU/ml)) , 无 RNase (< 0.01 ng/mL) 和无 DNase (< 4 pg/µL)


** Refers to the reagent number in the kit.
For example, reagent number 1 = HR2-428-01

The individual reagents 1 (A1) to 96 (H12) in the Additive Screen and Additive Screen HT are identical and use the same Additive Screen Custom Shop catalog number. Reagent is supplied in a 1.0 ml volume in an o-ring screw cap polypropylene tube.

June 2008 reagent 89(H5) changed to 40% v/v Formamide.

For Additive Screen reagent 51(E3) Dextran sulfate, please order HR2-428-51A for Additive Screen kits lot 2428xx where xx = 11-12, and order HR2-428-51B for Additive Screen kits lot 2428zz where zz = 1-10 or >12.

For Additive Screen HT reagent E3(51) Dextran sulfate, please order HR2-428-51A for Additive Screen HT kits lots 213806, 213807 and 213808, and order HR2-428-51B for Additive Screen HT kits lot 2138zz where zz = 1-5 or >8.

For Additive Screen reagent 68(F8) CYMAL-7, please order HR2-428-68A for Additive Screen kits lot 2428xx where xx = 07-17, and order HR2-428-68B 1,2,3-Heptanetriol for Additive Screen kits lot 2428zz where zz is greater than or equal to 18.

For Additive Screen HT reagent F8(68) CYMAL-7, please order HR2-428-68A for Additive Screen HT kits lots 2138xx where xx = 03 through 15, and order HR2-428-68B 1,2,3-Heptanetriol for Additive Screen HT kits lot 2138zz where zz is greater than or equal to 16.

** 指试剂盒中的试剂编号。
例如,试剂编号 1 = HR2-428-01

Additive Screen 和 Additive Screen HT 中的单个试剂 1 (A1) 至 96 (H12) 是相同的,并使用相同的 Additive Screen Custom Shop 目录号。试剂以 1.0 ml 体积提供在 O 形环螺旋盖聚丙烯管中。

2008 年 6 月试剂 89(H5) 改为 40% v/v 甲酰胺。

对于 Additive Screen 试剂 51(E3) 硫酸葡聚糖,请订购 HR2-428-51A 用于 Additive Screen 试剂盒批次 2428xx,其中 xx = 11-12,订购 HR2-428-51B 用于 Additive Screen 试剂盒批次 2428zz,其中 zz = 1-10或 >12。

对于 Additive Screen HT 试剂 E3(51) 硫酸葡聚糖,请为 Additive Screen HT 试剂盒批次 213806、213807 和 213808 订购 HR2-428-51A,为 Additive Screen HT 试剂盒批次 2138zz 订购 HR2-428-51B,其中 zz = 1- 5 或 >8。

对于 Additive Screen 试剂 68(F8) CYMAL-7,对于 Additive Screen 试剂盒批次 2428xx,请订购 HR2-428-68A,其中 xx = 07-17,对于 Additive Screen 试剂盒,请订购 HR2-428-68B 1,2,3-庚三醇lot 2428zz 其中 zz 大于或等于 18。

对于 Additive Screen HT 试剂 F8(68) CYMAL-7,请订购 HR2-428-68A 用于 Additive Screen HT 试剂盒批次 2138xx,其中 xx = 03 到 15,并订购 HR2-428-68B 1,2,3-庚三醇用于添加剂屏幕 HT 套件批次 2138zz,其中 zz 大于或等于 16。

HR2-428-01 Additive Screen 01 (A1) 1.0ml 0.1 M Barium chloride dihydrate
HR2-428-02 Additive Screen 02 (A2) 1.0ml 0.1 M Cadmium chloride hydrate
HR2-428-03 Additive Screen 03 (A3) 1.0ml 0.1 M Calcium chloride dihydrate
HR2-428-04 Additive Screen 04 (A4) 1.0ml 0.1 M Cobalt(II) chloride hexahydrate
HR2-428-05 Additive Screen 05 (A5) 1.0ml 0.1 M Copper(II) chloride dihydrate
HR2-428-06 Additive Screen 06 (A6) 1.0ml 0.1 M Magnesium chloride hexahydrate
HR2-428-07 Additive Screen 07 (A7) 1.0ml 0.1 M Manganese(II) chloride tetrahydrate
HR2-428-08 Additive Screen 08 (A8) 1.0ml 0.1 M Strontium chloride hexahydrate
HR2-428-09 Additive Screen 09 (A9) 1.0ml 0.1 M Yttrium(III) chloride hexahydrate
HR2-428-10 Additive Screen 10 (A10) 1.0ml 0.1 M Zinc chloride
HR2-428-11 Additive Screen 11 (A11) 1.0ml 0.1 M Iron(III) chloride hexahydrate
HR2-428-12 Additive Screen 12 (A12) 1.0ml 0.1 M Nickel(II) chloride hexahydrate
HR2-428-13 Additive Screen 13 (B1) 1.0ml 0.1 M Chromium(III) chloride hexahydrate
HR2-428-14 Additive Screen 14 (B2) 1.0ml 0.1 M Praseodymium(III) acetate hydrate
HR2-428-15 Additive Screen 15 (B3) 1.0ml 1.0 M Ammonium sulfate
HR2-428-16 Additive Screen 16 (B4) 1.0ml 1.0 M Potassium chloride
HR2-428-17 Additive Screen 17 (B5) 1.0ml 1.0 M Lithium chloride
HR2-428-18 Additive Screen 18 (B6) 1.0ml 2.0 M Sodium chloride
HR2-428-19 Additive Screen 19 (B7) 1.0ml 0.5 M Sodium fluoride
HR2-428-20 Additive Screen 20 (B8) 1.0ml 1.0 M Sodium iodide
HR2-428-21 Additive Screen 21 (B9) 1.0ml 2.0 M Sodium thiocyanate
HR2-428-22 Additive Screen 22 (B10) 1.0ml 1.0 M Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate
HR2-428-23 Additive Screen 23 (B11) 1.0ml 1.0 M Sodium citrate tribasic dihydrate
HR2-428-24 Additive Screen 24 (B12) 1.0ml 1.0 M Cesium chloride
HR2-428-25 Additive Screen 25 (C1) 1.0ml 1.0 M Sodium malonate pH 7.0
HR2-428-26 Additive Screen 26 (C2) 1.0ml 0.1 M L-Proline
HR2-428-27 Additive Screen 27 (C3) 1.0ml 0.1 M Phenol
HR2-428-28 Additive Screen 28 (C4) 1.0ml 30% v/v Dimethyl sulfoxide
HR2-428-29 Additive Screen 29 (C5) 1.0ml 0.1 M Sodium bromide
HR2-428-30 Additive Screen 30 (C6) 1.0ml 30% w/v 6-Aminohexanoic acid
HR2-428-28 Additive Screen 28 (C4) 1.0ml 30% v/v Dimethyl sulfoxide
HR2-428-29 Additive Screen 29 (C5) 1.0ml 0.1 M Sodium bromide
HR2-428-30 Additive Screen 30 (C6) 1.0ml 30% w/v 6-Aminohexanoic acid
HR2-428-31 Additive Screen 31 (C7) 1.0ml 30% w/v 1,5-Diaminopentane dihydrochloride
HR2-428-32 Additive Screen 32 (C8) 1.0ml 30% w/v 1,6-Diaminohexane
HR2-428-33 Additive Screen 33 (C9) 1.0ml 30% w/v 1,8-Diaminooctane
HR2-428-34 Additive Screen 34 (C10) 1.0ml 1.0 M Glycine
HR2-428-35 Additive Screen 35 (C11) 1.0ml 0.3 M Glycyl-glycyl-glycine
HR2-428-36 Additive Screen 36 (C12) 1.0ml 0.1 M Taurine
HR2-428-37 Additive Screen 37 (D1) 1.0ml 0.1 M Betaine hydrochloride
HR2-428-38 Additive Screen 38 (D2) 1.0ml 0.1 M Spermidine
HR2-428-39 Additive Screen 39 (D3) 1.0ml 0.1 M Spermine tetrahydrochloride
HR2-428-40 Additive Screen 40 (D4) 1.0ml 0.1 M Hexammine cobalt(III) chloride
HR2-428-41 Additive Screen 41 (D5) 1.0ml 0.1 M Sarcosine
HR2-428-42 Additive Screen 42 (D6) 1.0ml 0.1 M Trimethylamine hydrochloride
HR2-428-43 Additive Screen 43 (D7) 1.0ml 1.0 M Guanidine hydrochloride
HR2-428-44 Additive Screen 44 (D8) 1.0ml 0.1 M Urea
HR2-428-45 Additive Screen 45 (D9) 1.0ml 0.1 M ß-Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydrate
HR2-428-46 Additive Screen 46 (D10) 1.0ml 0.1 M Adenosine-5’-triphosphate disodium salt hydrate
HR2-428-47 Additive Screen 47 (D11) 1.0ml 0.1 M TCEP hydrochloride
HR2-428-48 Additive Screen 48 (D12) 1.0ml 0.01 M GSH (L-Glutathione reduced), 0.01 M GSSG (L-Glutathione oxidized)
HR2-428-49 Additive Screen 49 (E1) 1.0ml 0.1 M Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt dihydrate
HR2-428-50 Additive Screen 50 (E2) 1.0ml 5% w/v Polyvinylpyrrolidone K15
HR2-428-51A Additive Screen 51 (E3) 1.0ml 30% w/v Dextran sulfate sodium salt Mr 5,000
HR2-428-51B Additive Screen 51 (E3) 1.0ml 30% w/v Dextran sulfate sodium salt Mr 5,000
HR2-428-52 Additive Screen 52 (E4) 1.0ml 40% v/v Pentaerythritol ethoxylate (3/4 EO/OH)
HR2-428-53 Additive Screen 53 (E5) 1.0ml 10% w/v Polyethylene glycol 3,350
HR2-428-54 Additive Screen 54 (E6) 1.0ml 30% w/v D-(+)-Glucose monohydrate
HR2-428-55 Additive Screen 55 (E7) 1.0ml 30% w/v Sucrose
HR2-428-56 Additive Screen 56 (E8) 1.0ml 30% w/v Xylitol
HR2-428-57 Additive Screen 57 (E9) 1.0ml 30% w/v D-Sorbitol
HR2-428-58 Additive Screen 58 (E10) 1.0ml 12% w/v myo-Inositol
HR2-428-59 Additive Screen 59 (E11) 1.0ml 30% w/v D-(+)-Trehalose dihydrate
HR2-428-60 Additive Screen 60 (E12) 1.0ml 30% w/v D-(+)-Galactose
HR2-428-61 Additive Screen 61 (F1) 1.0ml 30% v/v Ethylene glycol
HR2-428-62 Additive Screen 62 (F2) 1.0ml 30% v/v Glycerol
HR2-428-63 Additive Screen 63 (F3) 1.0ml 3.0 M NDSB-195
HR2-428-64 Additive Screen 64 (F4) 1.0ml 2.0 M NDSB-201
HR2-428-65 Additive Screen 65 (F5) 1.0ml 2.0 M NDSB-211
HR2-428-66 Additive Screen 66 (F6) 1.0ml 2.0 M NDSB-221
HR2-428-67 Additive Screen 67 (F7) 1.0ml 1.0 M NDSB-256
HR2-428-68A Additive Screen 68A (F8) 1.0 ml 0.15mM CYMAL-7
HR2-428-68B Additive Screen 68B (F8) 1.0 ml 0.5% w/v 1,2,3-Heptanetriol
HR2-428-69 Additive Screen 69 (F9) 1.0ml 20% w/v Benzamidine hydrochloride
HR2-428-70 Additive Screen 70 (F10) 1.0ml 5% w/v n-dodecyl-N,N-dimethylamine-N-oxide
HR2-428-70 Additive Screen 70 (F10) 1.0ml 5% w/v n-dodecyl-N,N-dimethylamine-N-oxide
HR2-428-71 Additive Screen 71 (F11) 1.0ml 5% w/v n-Octyl-ß-D-glucoside
HR2-428-72 Additive Screen 72 (F12) 1.0ml 5% w/v n-Dodecyl-ß-D-maltoside
HR2-428-73 Additive Screen 73 (G1) 1.0ml 30% w/v Trimethylamine N-oxide dihydrate
HR2-428-74 Additive Screen 74 (G2) 1.0ml 30% w/v 1,6-Hexanediol
HR2-428-75 Additive Screen 75 (G3) 1.0ml 30% v/v (+/-)-2-Methyl-2,4-pentanediol
HR2-428-76 Additive Screen 76 (G4) 1.0ml 50% v/v Polyethylene glycol 400
HR2-428-77 Additive Screen 77 (G5) 1.0ml 50% v/v Jeffamine M-600 pH 7.0
HR2-428-78 Additive Screen 78 (G6) 1.0ml 40% v/v 2,5-Hexanediol (mixture of isomers)
HR2-428-79 Additive Screen 79 (G7) 1.0ml 40% v/v (±)-1,3-Butanediol
HR2-428-80 Additive Screen 80 (G8) 1.0ml 40% v/v Polypropylene glycol P 400
HR2-428-81 Additive Screen 81 (G9) 1.0ml 30% v/v 1,4-Dioxane
HR2-428-82 Additive Screen 82 (G10) 1.0ml 30% v/v Ethanol
HR2-428-83 Additive Screen 83 (G11) 1.0ml 30% v/v 2-Propanol
HR2-428-84 Additive Screen 84 (G12) 1.0ml 30% v/v Methanol
HR2-428-85 Additive Screen 85 (H1) 1.0ml 10% v/v 1,2-Butanediol
HR2-428-86 Additive Screen 86 (H2) 1.0ml 40% v/v tert-Butanol
HR2-428-87 Additive Screen 87 (H3) 1.0ml 40% v/v 1,3-Propanediol
HR2-428-88 Additive Screen 88 (H4) 1.0ml 40% v/v Acetonitrile
HR2-428-89 Additive Screen 89 (H5) 1.0ml 40% v/v Formamide
HR2-428-90 Additive Screen 90 (H6) 1.0ml 40% v/v 1-Propanol
HR2-428-91 Additive Screen 91 (H7) 1.0ml 5% v/v Ethyl acetate
HR2-428-92 Additive Screen 92 (H8) 1.0ml 40% v/v Acetone
HR2-428-93 Additive Screen 93 (H9) 1.0ml 0.25% v/v Dichloromethane
HR2-428-94 Additive Screen 94 (H10) 1.0ml 7% v/v 1-Butanol
HR2-428-95 Additive Screen 95 (H11) 1.0ml 40% v/v 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol
HR2-428-96 Additive Screen 96 (H12) 1.0ml 40% v/v 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoro-2-propanol


英文名称:Spearlab Cryogenic Foam Dewars
上海金畔生物科技有限公司代理美国Hampton 品牌蛋白结晶产品,欢迎新老客户访问Hampton官网或者咨询我们获取更多相关产品信息。

Applications 应用

Cryocrystallography 蛋白结晶学


  Each dewar is supplied with a lid  每个杜瓦瓶都配有盖子

  Proprietary foam construction (USPTO # 7,971,744)

  Mini (130 ml), Small (500 ml), Standard (800 ml), Large (1400 ml) and Tall (1800 ml)

   Reduced ice formation on dewar lip

  Easier to dry

   Foam construction reduces slipping

Spearlab FD-130 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (130 ml) – Mini : Small, hexagonal outside, hand held foam dewar, maximum volume 175 ml. Each dewar is supplied with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air. Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this vessel are 2 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches deep, so that it easily holds 130 ml and a maximum volume of 175 ml of liquid nitrogen. The HR4-676 has an overall height of approximately 4.5 inches without cover and the width is 3.5 inches at the top and 3.75 inches on the bottom (measured on the flats of the hexagon). Circular cover is approximately 0.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches diameter.

Spearlab Cryogenic Foam Dewar (500 ml) – Small: The small foam dewar shape is circular, with a protruding handle, so that it resembles a large teardrop. Each dewar is supplied with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air. Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this vessel are 4.5 inches in diameter by 2.8 inches deep, so that it easily holds 500 ml of liquid nitrogen.

Spearlab FD-800 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (800 ml) – Standard: The standard foam dewar shape is circular, with a protruding handle, so that it resembles a large teardrop. Each dewar is supplied with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air. Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this vessel are 5.8 inches in diameter by 2.8 inches deep, so that it easily holds 800 ml of liquid nitrogen.

Spearlab FD-1400 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (1400 ml) – Large: The large foam dewar shape is circular, with a protruding handle, so that it resembles a large teardrop. Each dewar is supplied with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air. Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this vessel are 6.3 inches in diameter by 3.8 inches deep, so that it easily holds 1400 ml of liquid nitrogen. Overall height is approximately 6 inches without cover and the width is 9 inches on the short axis and 11 inches on the long axis. Cover approximately 0.5 inches tall x 9 inches diameter.

Spearlab FD-1800 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (1800 ml) – Tall: The tall foam dewar shape is a tapered octagon on the outside with a cylindrical interior. The tapered octagon features a wide, stable base. Each dewar is supplied with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air. Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this vessel are 3.5 inches in diameter by 12.5 inches deep, so that it holds approximately 1,800 ml of liquid nitrogen. The outside dimensions of the tall dewar are 15.25 inches tall with a 6.25 inches wide top and a 7.75 inches wide base (measured on the flats of the octagon). The cover is 6.5 inches in diameter and 0.5 inches thick.

The patented (USPTO # 7,971,744) design of the Spearlab Cryogenic Foam Dewar makes it easy to handle and safer to use than a traditional low profile glass dewar. Also, because of its lower thermal mass, a foam vessel will cause less boil off when it is filled with liquid nitrogen. Additionally, the dewar will accumulate less frost during regular use. The end result is that less liquid nitrogen is consumed.

The dewars are made from cross-linked polyethylene foam. A density of 4 pounds per cubic foot is used for the 130 ml and 800 ml dewars. A density of 2 pounds per foot is used for the 1400 ml and 2 liter dewars. The higher density foam has significantly higher mechanical strength and stiffness. The lower density foam has slightly lower thermal conductivity. Like most lightweight insulation materials, the thermal conductivity of the foam is predominantly determined by the thermal conductivity of air, which eventually permeates the pores of the foam material.


  • 冰晶术


  • 每个杜瓦都有一个盖子
  • 专有泡沫建筑(USPTO#7,971,744)
  • 迷你(130毫升),小(500毫升),标准(800毫升),大(1400毫升)和高(1800毫升)
  • 杜瓦唇上的还原冰形成
  • 易干
  • 泡沫结构减少滑移


Spearlab FD-130低温泡沫杜瓦(130毫升)-迷你:小的,六角形的外面,手持泡沫杜瓦,最大体积175毫升。每个杜瓦提供一个匹配的泡沫盖子,以使内容物与周围空气隔离。该容器内圆柱形空腔的尺寸为直径2英寸,深3.5英寸,便于容纳130毫升和最大容量175毫升的液氮。HR4-676的总高度约4.5英寸,没有盖子,宽度在顶部为3.5英寸,底部为3.75英寸(在六边形的平面上测量)。圆形盖子大约0.5英寸高x 3.5英寸直径。


Spearlab FD-800低温泡沫杜瓦(800毫升)标准:标准泡沫杜瓦形状是圆形的,有一个突出的手柄,所以它像一个大的泪珠。每个杜瓦提供一个匹配的泡沫盖子,以隔离内容与周围的空气。该容器内圆柱形空腔的直径为5.8英寸,深2.8英寸,易于容纳800毫升的液氮。

Spearlab FD-1400低温泡沫杜瓦(1400毫升)-大:大泡沫杜瓦形状是圆形的,有一个突出的手柄,所以它就像一个大泪珠。每个杜瓦提供一个匹配的泡沫盖子,以隔离内容与周围的空气。该容器内圆柱形空腔的直径为6.3英寸,深3.8英寸,易于容纳1400毫升的液氮。整体高度约为6英寸没有盖子,宽度在短轴上是9英寸,在长轴上是11英寸。覆盖大约0.5英寸高x9英寸直径。

Spearlab FD-1800低温泡沫杜瓦(1800毫升)-高:高泡沫杜瓦形状是一个锥形的八角形在外面有一个圆柱形的内部。锥形八角形的特点是宽,稳定的基础。每个杜瓦提供一个匹配的泡沫盖子,以隔离内容与周围的空气。这个容器中的圆柱形空腔的直径为3.5英寸,直径为12.5英寸,因此它能容纳大约1800毫升的液氮。高德瓦的外部尺寸是15.25英寸高,有一个6.25英寸宽的顶部和一个7.75英寸宽的底座(测量的单位是八角形)。盖子直径6.5英寸,厚0.5英寸。



HR4-676 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (130 ml) – Mini each
HR4-662 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (500 ml) – Small each
HR4-673 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (800 ml) – Standard each
HR4-674 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (1400 ml) – Large each
HR4-675 Cryogenic Foam Dewar (2 liter) – Tall each

Cleaning Spearlab foam dewars  清洁 Spearlab 泡沫杜瓦瓶
Our open liquid nitrogen containers are made from a cross linked polyethylene foam, a material that is compatible with a wide variety of solvents. Liquid nitrogen can be poured directly into the foam cavity, with less boiloff than with conventional metal or glass Dewars.
A convenient way of cleaning the surfaces of the foam dewar is to use a spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol, which can be purchased inexpensively at most pharmacies and supermarketsin the United States:

After spraying with alcohol, wipe the surface with a cotton cloth or paper tissue. The cleaned vessel now is ready to use.
Washing with warm or cold water, using a detergent or soap, is another cleaning method.
We recommend drying the dewar in air, on a rack. For faster results, you can use a hair dryer on the“cool” or “low” heat setting. Do NOT use an industrial heater, as such devices create high surface temperatures, which may melt or burm the foam material.
Our products are made to provide many years of safe use in your laboratory.




Hampton 铝盒CryoCane

Hampton 铝盒CryoCane

Organized storage of CrystalCaps 有序的存放结晶帽

5 vial holding cane
Made of aluminum
Compatible with the CrystalCap systems
Aluminum CryoCane firmly hold CrystalCap™ vials for storage in dewar-type, liquid nitrogen freezers. The 5 vial CryoCane offers base tabs for proper CrystalCap seating. Length of 5 vial version: 11 5/16” (28.7 cm).

HR4-711 (front – discontinued) HR4-709 (back)

Hampton 铝盒CryoCane

HR4-709 CryoCane 5 Vial Holder 12 pack

Hampton 蛋白质结晶试剂和耗材介绍


Hampton 蛋白质结晶试剂和耗材介绍

美国Hampton Research公司位于加利福尼亚州,是一家专门从事蛋白质晶体研究的生产商。该公司向全球科研人员提供全面的晶体研究试剂和相关实验耗材,同时提供晶体设计和合成方面的定制服务。Hampton Research公司以其先进的生物大分子结晶技术和广泛实用的产品线,不仅为全世界晶体研究人员的工作带来了便捷,而且也受益于科研人员的回馈不断发展自己,目前已成为晶体研究领域受信赖的品牌之一。

上海金畔生物作为Hampton research品牌蛋白结晶产品的代理商,我们将竭诚为您服务,欢迎访问Hampton research官网或者咨询我们获取更多相关Hampton research品牌产品信息。

Hampton research主要产品:

产品分类 特点描述
Crystallization Screens 用于筛选和优化蛋白质/多肽/核酸结晶的一系列经验证的高精配方型溶液
Optimize Reagents 结晶级别盐类,聚合物,有机溶液或缓冲液
Crystallization Plates, Hardware & Accessories 结晶板(悬滴法和坐滴法,微量透析,微配液,自由界面扩散,凝胶以及无容器悬浮法)及其他配件
Cryocrystallography 低温晶体学耗材如Crystalcap system,cryoloops
Goniometer Heads&Supplies 测角器头和配件
Protein Crystallization Standards 结晶级别标准蛋白
Custom Shop

Crystallization Reagents

StockOptions Kits 内含盐类,缓冲液和冷冻液的简便型试剂盒
Tools,Seeding&Resin 结晶用探针,结晶笔,seeding法结晶工具
Capillary Mounts & Supplies 毛细管,玻璃纤维, 蜡,黏合剂和密封剂

美国Hampton Research公司是世界上著名的蛋白质晶体试剂供应商之一,该公司的产品目录是由上海金畔生物科技有限公司提供,该目录分为12个大类和几十个小类。


第一类:Crystallization Screens   用于筛选和优化蛋白质/多肽/核酸结晶的一系列经验证的高精配方型溶液

1.PCT Pre-Crystallization Test(PCT预结晶试验)


  1. Slice pH(PH切片)


  1. Solubility & Stability Screen(溶解度和稳定性的屏幕)


  1. Index


  1. Crystal Screen(晶体屏幕)



5.PEG/Ion Screen & PEG/Ion HT Screen 用于可溶性蛋白的结晶

6.PEG/Ion 2 Screen?用于可溶性生物大分子结晶

7.Crystal Screen? & Crystal Screen? HT 用于蛋白质,复合物,缩氨酸,核酸以及水溶性小分子的传统的经典结晶试剂

8.Crystal Screen 2?用于蛋白质,缩氨酸,核酸以及水溶性小分子的结晶

9.Crystal Screen Lite?用于蛋白质,缩氨酸和核酸的结晶试剂

10.Crystal Screen Cryo?用于蛋白质,缩氨酸,核酸的结晶

11.Grid ScreenTM用于蛋白质的结晶,分为七小类。

12.Quik Screen?用于可溶性蛋白的结晶

13.Quik Optimize?快速优化试剂,与Quik Screen? 或 custom screen配套使用

14.Low Ionic Strength Screen?用于完整的单克隆抗体,单克隆抗体片段以及低离子浓度很少溶解的蛋白的结晶

15.Nucleic Acid Mini Screen?用于核酸片段的结晶化


17.MembFac?& MembFac? HT用于膜蛋白的结晶

18.Additive Screen?增强或改变样品可溶性的试剂

19.Detergent Screen?去垢剂

20.Heavy Atom Screens重原子结晶试剂

21.Izit Crystal Dye?蛋白染色试剂,用于区分蛋白晶体和盐晶体

第二类:Custom Shop Crystallization Reagents  结晶试剂盒中单独的试剂

  1. Solubility & Stability Individual Reagents
  2. Slice pH Individual Reagents
  3. Ionic Liquid Screen Individual Reagents
  4. Proti-Ace & Proti-Ace 2 Individual Reagents
  5. PCT Individual Reagents
  6. Silver Bullets & Silver Bullets HT Individual Reagents
  7. Silver Bullets Bio & Silver Bullets Bio HT Individual Reagents
  8. Index • Index HT Individual Reagents
  9. PEGRx 1 Individual Reagents
  10. PEGRx 2 Individual Reagents
  11. SaltRx Individual Reagents
  12. PEG/Ion Individual Reagents
  13. Crystal Screen Lite Individual Reagents
  14. Crystal Screen Cryo Individual Reagents
  15. Crystal Screen 2 Cryo Individual Reagents
  16. Grid Screen Ammonium Sulfate Individual Reagents
  17. Grid Screen PEG 6000 Individual Reagent
  18. Grid Screen Sodium Chloride Individual Reagents
  19. Grid Screen PEG/LiCl Individual Reagents
  20. Quik Screen Individual Reagents
  21. Natrix Individual Reagents

第三类:Optimize Reagents 优化试剂


2.Optimize-Organics (Volatile) 挥发性有机物

3.Optimize-Organics (Non-Volatile)非挥发性的有机物

4.Optimize-Salts 盐类


6.Optimize-Solubilizing Agents (NDSB) 溶解试剂NDSB

7.Optimize-Reducing Agent还原剂-TCEP氢氯化物



10.Optimize-Silica Hydrogel硅胶

11.Optimize-LM Agarose低熔点琼脂糖

第四类:StockOptions Kits

  1. StockOptions Salt
  2. StockOptions pH
  3. StockOptions Buffer
  4. CryoPro

第五类:Crystallization Plates, Hardware & Accessories 结晶耗材

1.24 Well Crystallization Plates 24孔晶体板-分悬滴和坐滴两种

2.48 Well Crystallization Plates 48孔晶体板

3.72 Well Crystallization Plates72孔晶体板

4.96 Well Crystallization Plates 96孔晶体板

5.384 Well Crystallization Plates 384孔晶体板-用于坐滴的结晶

6.Cover Slides & Related Tools

7.Glass Sitting Drop Rods用于坐滴的结晶


9.Glass Plates – 3 and 9 Well3孔和9孔玻璃板

10.Sealants, Sealing Grease, Oils, Applicator密封油脂,油及其它器具

11.Sealing Films, Tapes, Mats & Covers

12.Microdialysis Buttons, Rods & Membranes微量渗析结晶化

13.Granada Crystallization Box

第六类:Tools, Seeding & Resin(结晶工具、树脂)

  1. Tungsten-carbide Glass Cutter
  2. X-Acto Gripster Knife
  3. Micro-Tools™ Set
  4. Micro-Tools II™ Set
  5. Forceps
  6. Crystal Probe™
  7. Crystal Pencil
  8. Seed Bead
  9. Seeding Tool


  1. CrystalCap HT™ Systems
  2. CrystalCap Magnetic™ Systems
  3. CrystalCap™ Systems
  4. CryoLoops & MicroTubes
  5. Cryo Tools
  6. Canes, Sleeves, Coders & Boxes
  7. Dewars

第八类:Capillary Mounts & Supplies(毛细管座椅支架供应)

第九类:Goniometer Heads & Supplies(测角头及用品)

第十类:Xenon Derivatization(氙气衍生物)

第十一类:Labels & Pens(标签和记录笔)

第十二类:Protein Crystallization Standards(蛋白质结晶的标准)



上海金畔生物科技有限公司(www.jinpanbio.cn)提供生命科学研究领域系列产品,包括生化试剂、色谱标准品和实验仪器耗材。主营Lumiprobe Cy系列活性荧光染料;WAKO日本和光纯药、修饰性PEG(Laysan bio、NANOCS、Avanti等品牌PEG以及定制合成修饰性聚乙二醇、单分散小分量PEG);Sigma、Amresco、TCI、MP bio生化试剂;日本关东化学Kanto试剂、日本三菱、日本柴田科学SIBATA;Megazyme食品分析检测试剂盒、日本共立理化学;Harlan饲料、Bio-Serv、日本CLEA Japan品牌的动物饲料;Oxoid、Nissui日水、日本荣研、BD difco、Himedia品牌微生物培养基;免疫试剂包括:Bethyl抗体;Biolegend流式抗体、Abcam、CST、Santa Cruz抗体;Roche、TOYOBO、NEB品牌的酶;中检所、TRC、药典USP、EP、Reagecon标准品;耗材和仪器包括Whatman、日本Advantec滤膜、Millipore品牌的各种滤膜、滤器和柱子填料等、Hampton蛋白结晶试剂耗材、小鼠软管灌胃针、动物毛发记号笔、Labnet、Wheaton瓶子、Bio-Rad伯乐、康宁Corning、Axygen、Falcon 、Eppendorf、Nunc、Nalgene、Nest品牌的培养皿、培养板、离心机、离心管、移液枪及枪头等实验室常用仪器耗材。


Hampton research代理 HR2-128 Crystal Screen Lite

Hampton research代理 HR2-128 Crystal Screen Lite

MembFac • Crystal Screen Lite • MembFac HT


  • Primary sparse matrix crystallization screen for membrane proteins and samples with limited solubility


  • Membrane protein sparse matrix screens
  • Sparse matrix formula efficiently samples salts, polymers, organics and pH
  • pH range 4.6 – 8.5
  • Formulated for use with detergents
  • Tube or Deep Well block format
  • Crystal Screen Lite features a lower ionic strength than the original Crystal Screen


MembFac is a highly effective sparse matrix screen specifically designed as a preliminary screen for the crystallization of membrane proteins.

MembFac is based upon the highly effective biased sparse matrix methodology. The MembFac screen matrix is optimized for the crystallization of membrane proteins.

MembFac contains 48 unique reagent formulations. With this set of 48 conditions, numerous chemicals and chemical combinations are utilized, allowing one to evaluate a large variety of potential crystallization conditions. MembFac covers a broad pH range between 4 and 9.

The Rationale The basic rationale of MembFac is to perform a sparse matrix screen while changing the detergent dimension because detergents play an important factor in the crystallization of membrane proteins. A MembFac screen is to be completed for each detergent. Detergent screens are available separately.

The Method The membrane protein of interest is first isolated in the detergent which gives the highest stability and activity. The protein concentration should be approximately 10 to 20 mg/ml and the detergent concentration should be only slightly above the CMC. The sample is then set against MembFac, using all 48 solutions plus the screening detergent(s) of choice. The screening detergent concentration should be approximately one to three times the CMC. Hence, for each detergent screened, one would utilize approximately 1 to 2 mg of sample.

The MembFac protocol was used to crystallize membrane proteins including SQR, fumerate: quinone oxireductase, LHII, and LHCII.

Crystal Screen Lite is a sparse matrix of trial crystallization reagent conditions based upon the Crystal Screen™.3 The primary screen variables are salt, pH, and precipitant (salts, polymers, volatile organics, and non-volatile organics).2 Crystal Screen Lite differs from the original Crystal Screen kit in that the primary precipitant reagents are one-half the concentration of that used in the original Crystal Screen formulation. The secondary salts, ions, and buffers remain at the original Crystal Screen concentration. Reducing the primary concentration of the primary precipitant results in a screen which is “more gentle” on the sample and typically produces much less precipitate conditions than the original Crystal Screen.

MembFac contains 48 unique reagents, 10 ml each.

MembFac HT contains 1 ml each of all 48 reagents from MembFac and reagents 1-48 from Crystal Screen Lite in a single Deep Well block format.

Ready-to-use reagents are sterile filtered and formulated with ultra-pure Type 1 water, using the highest purity salts, polymers, organics and buffers. Individual reagents are available through the Hampton Research Custom Shop.

HR2-114 MembFac 10 ml, tube format
HR2-128 Crystal Screen Lite 10 ml, tube format
HR2-137 MembFac HT 1 ml, Deep Well block format

Hampton HR3-125 3孔坐滴结晶板 3 Well Midi UVP

Hampton HR3-125 3孔坐滴结晶板 3 Well Midi UVP


  • Sitting drop crystallization


  • Lens effect drop wells for enhanced optics
  • Drop volume: 50 nl to 5 µl
  • Micro-numbering alongside drop volumes
  • Reservoir volume: 20 to 40 µl
  • ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
  • Drop well allows easier crystal harvesting
  • Three drop wells per reservoir
  • Midi profile for easier storage
  • UV compatible (UVP)


The SWISSCI 3 Lens Crystallization Plate is an ideal product for protein crystallization presented in a 96-well plate format.

The plate was developed in collaboration with very experienced protein crystallographers. It is the result of many years of experience in successful robotic high-throughput crystallization and combines many of the necessary features not earlier available to the crystallographer.

The SWISSCI 3 Lens crystallization Plate offers unique properties that make it ideal for both nanoliter crystallization screening and mircoliter optimization alike. Made from optically superior polymer (UVP) and with a new design of the wells, the plate allows easy crystal viewing and retrieval.

The Advantages of the 3 Lens Crystallization Plate Easy crystal retrieval Raised wide wells make the crystal mounting especially easy.

Easy viewing The wells are a wide conical shape and have a lens effect for perfect illumination. The micro-numbering ensures you will never get lost again (visible by microscope). The optically superior polymer is UV transmissible and may be used to differentiate between salt and protein crystals.

Better sealing Wide partition walls between the wells give plenty of area for good sealing with tape. No central bending occurs in this very robust structure. Excellent long term storage – no sample evaporation.

Wide range of volumes Typical volumes are 20-40 µl of reservoir and 50 nl-5 µl drop size. The 288 optical wells offer three times the number of experimental constructions.

ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard The plates are designed to the 96-well ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 standards for all common holders and external numbering (A-H, 1-12)with corner location make the plate easy to use in a robotic sampler. The 3 Lens plate is suitable for centrifugation. The unique 3 drop protein crystallization plate offers a new way of sitting-drop crystallography. The 288 wells are optically perfect designed to observe crystals under a microscope.

3 Lens plate features Easy to fill 96-lens structure – typically 30 microlitres per buffer lens. Standard ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 form for automation. Optically perfect wells with lens effect for a better view with microscope. Microscopic identifier within wells, simplifying the orientation under the microscope. Maximum volume of the buffer reservoir is 40 microlitres. Grown crystals are easy to identify and to remove from lens due to a low-binding polymer. Plate with 3 lenses for each sample, better growing security with triplicates or the ability to use lens two and lens three as mixing stations. Lenses fill without micro-droplets jumping out due to static effects. Wells can be individually sealed with a perfectly flat upper surface – there is a large land area designed to ensure integrity of each lens section. The profile allows for easier storage. Low volume buffer well enables savings on reagents. Triplicates allow for 288 constructs per plate.


  • 坐滴结晶


  • 用于增强光学的透镜效应下降井
  • 下降量:50毫升至5升
  • 微号
  • 库容:20至40升
  • ANSI/SLAS 1-2004标准
  • 滴井使晶体采集更容易。
  • 每个油藏三口滴井
  • MIDI配置文件以便于存储
  • 紫外兼容(UVP)


SWISSCI 3透镜结晶板是一种理想的96孔平板形式的蛋白质结晶产品.


SWISSCI 3透镜晶化板提供了独特的性能,使其既适合纳米晶的筛选,也适用于镜像仪的优化。由光学优越的聚合物(UVP)和一个新的设计井,板允许易于观察和取回晶体。

三透镜晶化板的优点 易于晶体检索凸起的宽井使晶体安装特别容易。



广泛的卷典型的储集量为20~40μl,50 nl~5μl滴度.288口光学井是实验结构的三倍。

ANSI/SLAS 1-2004标准这些板是按照96井ANSI/SLAS 1-2004标准设计的,适用于所有常见的保持架和外部编号(A-H,1-12),具有角位位置,使板易于在机器人采样器中使用。三透镜板适用于离心。独特的三滴蛋白质结晶板提供了一种新的静坐结晶学方法.这288口井在光学上非常完美,可以在显微镜下观察晶体。


HR3-123 Swissci 3 Well Midi Crystallization Plate in UVP (10) 10 plate case
HR3-125 Swissci 3 Well Midi Crystallization Plate in UVP (40) 40 plate case


Hampton HR2-597 Jeffamine® ED-2001 pH 7.0

Hampton HR2-597 Jeffamine® ED-2001 pH 7.0


  • Crystallization grade Jeffamine ED-2001 pH 7.0 for formulating screens or for optimization


  • pH adjusted to 7 using HCl
  • Sterile filtered
  • Formulated in Type 1+ ultrapure water: 18.2 megaohm-cm resistivity at 25°C, < 5 ppb Total Organic Carbon, bacteria free (<1 Bacteria (CFU/ml)), pyrogen free (<0.03 Endotoxin (EU/ml)), RNase-free (< 0.01 ng/mL) and DNase-free (< 4 pg/µL)


Jeffamine ED series are polyether diamines based on a predominantly PEG backbone. PEG imparts complete water solubility. The Jeffamine® ED-2001 have a representative structure illustrated in the accompanying Figure.

Jeffamine® ED-2001
Synonym: O,O′-Bis(2-aminopropyl) polypropylene glycol-block-polyethylene glycol-block-polypropylene glycol 1,900, Jeffamine® ED-2003
Mr ~2,000
CAS Number [65605-36-9]
MDL Number MFCD00197920
PubChem Substance ID 24848714
pH before titration with hydrochloric acid is > 10
Final measured pH of HR2-597 is 7.0
Appearance: Colorless to Very light yellow tint to yellow, clear solution
50% w/v in deionized water, sterile filtered (0.22 micron)

Measured Conductivity Range: 4.0 – 5.7 mS/cm at 25°C
Measured Refractive Index Range: 1.40572 – 1.40725 at 20°C

Jeffamine is a registered trademark of the Huntsman Petrochemical Corporation.

HR2-597 50% w/v Jeffamine  ED-2001 pH 7.0 200 mL