Hampton 透析按钮 Dialysis Buttons

Hampton 透析按钮 Dialysis Buttons

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Hampton 透析按钮 Dialysis Buttons

Crystallization by dialysis, protein folding, & small volume sample dialysis

Low volume dialysis
Fits in 24 well plates
Use over and over again

Controlled crystal dehydration.4

In the dialysis method, the sample in question is separated from the “precipitant” by a semi-permeable membrane which allows small reagent molecules to pass but prevents biological macromolecules from crossing the membrane.1-3 Dialysis Buttons are injection molded from polystyrene, and are the size of a small button. The sample is placed in this chamber so as to create a slight dome of liquid at the top of the button. A dialysis membrane is placed over the top of the button/sample and is held in place with an O-ring. The O-ring is held in place by a groove in the Dialysis Button. Dialysis Buttons are supplied with O-rings. The 5 µl to 100 µl sized dialysis buttons have an approximate overall height of 6 mm, an approximate outside diameter of 10 mm without an O-ring in place, and an approximate diameter of 12 mm with an O-ring in place. The 200 µl and 350 µl sized dialysis buttons have an approximate overall height of 8 mm, an approximate outside diameter of 15 mm without an O-ring in place, and an approximate diameter of 17 mm with an O-ring in place. Each package of dialysis buttons includes a plastic golf tee shaped applicator to assist with applying a dialysis membrane to the button and securing with the supplied o-ring.







Hampton 透析按钮 Dialysis Buttons

HR3-336 Dialysis Buttons Sampler 5 of each size listed below
HR3-314 5 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack
HR3-316 10 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack
HR3-318 15 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack
HR3-320 20 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack
HR3-326 50 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack
HR3-328 100 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack
HR3-330 200 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack
HR3-332 350 µl Dialysis Button 50 pack

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